I want to thank you for a great day. It was educational and as a teacher very professionally taught. I think as a teacher you were great and the hands on at the zoo was educational also.

I would love to see another trip again, it was fun and as a teacher you have a lot of patience.

Keep me on your mailing list for any future class trips.

-Lynda C.


Thanks so much for taking the time to provide such a well thought-out and professional program that presented important basic concepts for taking good photos in a clear and uncomplicated way. Your presentation challenged the class and encouraged a good inter-action with questions and answers. The budget "Safari" in the afternoon challenged me to want to renew my interest in photography. What a great idea for taking good photos under sometimes difficult conditions. After many years using slide film and non-automatic cameras and changing lenses to fit the need, I bought a digital camera and became one of the many who got used to taking "good" photos and stopped challenging myself to take better photos.

The Safari allowed me to put into practice the morning's classroom insights that same afternoon. During the Safari I was motivated to take the kind of photo that put me in charge of the photographic process rather than have the camera determine the mechanics of the photo. Your help and practical insights certainly helped me to take better photos that afternoon.

The course was fun and the Safari was a great idea. I'm already looking forward to taking your next photo course which I know will be fun but more challenging.

Thanks again,

-Bernie V.


I had a good time getting out there, and it was helpful to have you there to provide tips and suggestions.


-Derek G.


Thanks again for a great workshop.


-Brad S.



As I told you, after I bought my Nikon camera, I attended Nikon School with a group of 400-500 others. Everything that they taught was from the stage with slide shows, and the material was covered way too fast. They had a question & answer period, but how many questions can be answered with that amount of people?

With the size of your class each student can have questions answered as needed! I liked some to the techniques that you showed us like shooting thru a fence or glass.

I enjoyed the day immensely. The morning session was great and so was the afternoon. It was well worth the time and dollars to finally be able to use my camera the way it was meant to be used, after having it for four years. Everything was done in a very professional manner yet in a friendly and informal setting. In both the morning and afternoon sessions there was plenty of one-on-one help from you. It was an all-around fun day!



The Digital Safari Workshop was first and foremost, a fun and enjoyable day. It was a great refresher course on the basics of photography. Especially since i really haven't used my cameras in manual mode in a long time. The morning’s classroom session was filled with interesting tidbits and examples. The PowerPoint slides presented the information in a clear and consistent manner. But, the payoff was the afternoon session at the zoo where we were able to put into practice what we had discussed earlier in the day. Keeping the attendance to a small number insured as much, or little, individual attention as needed. Overall, a great experience at a very reasonable price. I would recommend this workshop to any photography enthusiast.

- Dan M., Worcester, MA


I had a fun day. It was great having the one on one with you with the small group. I would definitely recommend the safari to anyone that was interested.

Noreen M.

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