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Hi, I'm David Peller and I've taught photography for several years at the Assabet After Dark Continuing Education program in Marlborough MA.

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Whenever I teach my photo classes students always ask if there will be an advanced course. They want to practice the skills they’ve learned and apply them in the real world. Now you can take the next step. You’ll learn some advanced techniques to improve your photography and get some hands-on experience too. So, join me for a fun day of great photo tips and shooting.

Digital Photo Workshop


We’ll start the morning with an indoor workshop and then we’ll travel to Southwick’s Zoo for our photo safari. Zoos are a great place to practice your photo skills and they provide an incredible array of interesting subjects without requiring you to jump on an airplane to Tanzania. With a little planning and technique you can get those shots that look like you’ve been on Safari deep in Africa. All the photos on this website were taken at Southwick’s by me. Want to see more in my portfolio? Click Here

Who Should Attend

You’ve taken a basic or intermediate digital photography class and you want to improve your skills and build on them. Or, if you want to review some of the basic techniques of photography and learn
how to put them to practical use this workshop is for you.

You should own a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera. A telephoto lens is also helpful.